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Preserving Leaves With Glycerin

Leaves exude ethereal beauty andcan even exceed the beauty of flowers. What better way to feel the season but to bring its leaves intoyour interior. Preserving fall leaves is possible through the use of glycerin. Glycerin leaves are particularly tasteful accents for tableware or great additions for wreaths.

To preserve the color andbeauty of harvested leaves, soaking them in a glycerin solution will make them supple and flexible. Asidefrom leaves, you can also preserve small branches. For the leaves, mix a part of glycerin to two parts ofwater in a shallow pan. Place the leaves into the solution. Then weigh the leaves down with another panor dish to submerge totally. Keep undisturbed for two to three days. Check the leaves and make surethey are soft and pliable. If still dry, leave them for another two to three days. When leaves are supple,remove from the solution and blot them dry.

For small branches with leaves attached, immerse stems immediately in a bucket of warm water for twohours. Make sure to put the bucket away from direct sunlight. Meanwhile, combine one part glycerin totwo parts water in a saucepan. Bring it to a boil. Turn down the heat and simmer for five to ten minutes.Cool the mixture completely. Remove the branches from the bucket and smash the ends of stemscompletely to allow for more surface area during soaking. Place them in the glycerin solution.

Store plant away from direct sunlight and food sources. When small beads of dew form on the leaves,this is an indication that the plant absorbed all the glycerin necessary. Remove the branches and wipeoff the leaves. Hang them upside down to dry.

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